Here's how it works

It's important to me to offer my clients a clear understanding of what you can and should expect from me. If we work together on a project, the process will go something like this:

Step 1

Getting Started

Once you have made contact we'll work together on a comprehensive brief, deal with all the legal / payments bits, and map out a timeline of project milestones

image of a basic website wire frame
image of a draft of a website with misty mountains

Step 2

Design Proposal

This is where the fun bit starts! I will begin to flesh out ideas in Figma where you will start seeing your website take shape. I'll get you set up on Slack too, which gives us a dedicated space to work on the project.

Step 3

Feedback Round

After presenting you with the initial designs, here's where you can give feedback and share comments. The Feedback Round consists of a maximum of 2 rounds*. This stops us from getting stuck in an endless circle of minor changes, preventing wasted time, energy and budget. It's very important to share honest feedback!

image of a larger draft of website with misty mountains
image of a finished website design image with lake and mountains

Step 4

Finish Design & Content

With the final design chosen - here's where I begin the actual website build in Webflow. We will then work together on the final content such as text, photos, etc.

Step 5

Finish Project

Once the build is complete and you're happy with the finished site*, I'll set it Live with your current or chosen domain. Mission Complete!

*Additional changes may result in additional charges.
image of a finished website mockup on iMac and iPad with mountains and river

ready to get started?

Now you have seen how things work around here, are you ready to start this awesome project?

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