ILLUSTRANIMATION | The Parallax Effect

Fun Fact: a long long time ago I was heavily into creating motion graphics in After Effects. I was actually teaching myself animation and matte painting (painting backgrounds or assets into film or photographs) to try and breach into the film industry. But I ended up studying Law, English and Maths - before dropping out in my second year to start working life.

I've recently started using AE again to created motion graphics for my current day job and thought 'maybe I could start incorporating certain animated elements into my illustrations?'. I remember learning about creating a parallax effect by setting layers back on different levels in 'z' space - so set to having a play around on my latest illustration - Virtue.

Here's how my workspace looks like in After Effects:


Here's what I came up with:

I'm looking forward to bringing new illustrations to life more by adding animated elements to them. If you'd be interested in some mini tutorials on how to do things like this, let me know!