ART OF MANTA | The Launch

It’s here! ART OF MANTA’s brand new website has landed and it’s packing some very cool upgrades.



There are now two main sections to the website:

  •  Creative: holding all my things to do with creating content, such as my store, portfolio, this journal. I’ve got big plans for this - including starting a Podcast!
  • Web Design: Information on the process we’ll follow to build you an awesome new website and how to book me as your web designer.


As well as a fresh new look - there are a couple of pretty cool new upgrades: 

  • Accounts: You can now create your very own account!
    View orders, change payment methods, change details and more. 
  • Apple Pay: You can now pay using Apple Pay!
    Paying for items/services on my website is now as easy as 1, 2, DING! 


2019 is going to be a big year for ART OF MANTA. As I work towards become fully self employed, I’ll be pushing developing my illustrations skills further and creating my own products beyond just prints.

Web design has always been a passion and being able to turn my 10 years ‘full-time’ experience working on people’s websites into the means to being freelance is exciting.

Creativity and connecting with people is going to become the main focus of my life 🙌