Hi, Iā€™m Mark - I'm a freelance illustrator, concept artist and visual storyteller. I am primarily a digital artist, with experience in animation and web design too.

I have just recently relaunched my Patreon page as there are so many projects I want to get started on - and with your support, I'll have the resources to do so! I want to further my skills in animation and a plethora of other design mediums too!

It's important to me that I'm giving you something back for your support, therefore I have come up with some amazing perks for each support tier. Every month, I want to bring you exclusive illustration prints, brush packs for Photoshop / Procreate, and even start a podcast! Additionally, you'll get looks into my process, I'll be starting Twitch streams, handwritten postcards, store discounts and Q&As. Plus much more!

Interacting and making friends with online supporters has brought a lot of meaning to my life and work over the years (I really like you guys) and I'm excited that together we'll make something great!

Check out my Patreon page to join the adventure! >